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Charlie Young

Charlie Young

Kary Ng
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Kary Ng

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  • I had 10 sessions 4 weeks after delivery. The therapist is very professional and I enjoyed the entire process very much, from tummy mask, massage, scrub and binding. The result is very impressing with significantly improved body shape & waistline. It has been 6 weeks after I have completed the treatment and there is no rebound

    Cynthia Tse
  • I just finished my 10 treatments with Karen and I have already referred Karen to many friends. The massage was amazing, I felt so relaxed during the whole process, it definitely helped me to release my stress of taking care of three kids. The result was significant - I lost 3kg after my treatment, my tummy is flatter and my waistline is slimmer. Karen is super nice, professional and considerate. I highly recommend her treatments to all my mommy friends!

    Fiona Zhuang
  • I signed up for 15 days slimmum treatment and the result is unexpectedly good! My waistline became obvious and tummy became flatter after the first 5 days treatment and after 15 days treatment, I see very obvious slimming result and can fit in my pre- pregnancy pants:) definitely recommended it

    Rosita Cheng